Troubled teams

Wednesday October 12, 2016

Even the best staff teams and the best managers can hit a brick wall some times. Recently I've worked with 11 different situations where staff and management have come to loggerheads. In some instances it is over role confusion or tension. In others it is because the story in their heads about what they are there to do is quite different. In a few it has been like a Sarah Lee cake - layer up on layer upon layer of historical, cultural and interpersonal problems and tensions. 

In these instances I usually interview each individual first. This gives me a chance to ensure they have had a voice, and that I understand their point of view. It helps me to understand the complexities that have contributed to the team tensions. I usually then bring them together to have the difficult conversations about what's happening and what we might do to create at least ease, if not resolution.

Let me reinforce the first sentence - this can happen to even the best leaders and the best team members. Let me know if I can help.

Author: Denise Picton

Categories: Leading & Managing Teams