What's in a name?

Tuesday October 4, 2016

I have to admit, until recently, I didn't know how to define teal organisations, holacracy, podularity or clous.....

According to an article in Harvard Business Review in July-August:

Teal Organisation: " A new kind of organisation defined to enable "whole" individuals (not narrow professional selves) to self-organise and self-manage to achieve an organic organisational purpose ( determined not through hierarchial planning but incrementally, responsively, and from the bottom up).

Holacracy:" The most widely adoption system of self-management, developed in 2007 by Brian Robertson. Authority and decision making are distributed among fluid "circles" throughout the organisation, and governance is spelled out in a complex constitution.:

Podularity: "A system of self-management in which each basic unit, or "pod" is treated as a microcosm of the whole business and acts on its behalf. Popularity has its roots in agile.

Clou: " Colleague letter of understanding" - an agreement crafted by each employee in consultation with relevant colleagues, outlining the employee's roles along with detailed performance metrics.

.......really.....? .......everything old seems new again........?


"Beyond the Holacracy hype: the overwrought claims - and actual promise- of the next generation of self-managed teams". Bernstein, Bunch, Canner and Lee. Harvard Business Review, July-August 2016.

Author: Denise Picton

Categories: Leading & Managing