Strategic Thinking, not just Planning

Thursday 26 Feb 2015

At least half of my work these days is facilitating planning workshops for Boards or senior teams. I am noting the smart ones are making the shift from rushed ( and often boring) days where we mechanistically work through a traditional planning framework, often resulting in a bit of twiddling around the edges of the current plan. Instead of rushing to dot points on butchers sheets, my best Boards and Executives are engaging in strategic thinking before they land a plan. Read More

Don’t lift the digit as you say good bye

Monday 19 Jan 2015

Many of our favourite clients have left organisations for reasons or in time frames not of their choosing in the last year. Cutbacks or redundancies have sometimes resulted in sadness, fear or anger. I have watched even the best of people leave with the equivalent of their middle finger lifted to the heavens as they express their frustration in various ways. I have observed some decide to go slow, or to do the minimum possible in their final days in the job. I have witnessed others badmouthing organisations, leaders or processes. Do I understand this very human response? Yes. Do I sometimes join them in their feelings of unfairness? Yes. But do I recommend you burn a bridge as you leave? NO! Read More