SA Power Networks leading on high potentials

Thursday 28 Feb 2013

John Sands from SA Power Networks is managing one of the better high potential programs we’ve seen. With real executive buy-in the selection process is rigorous and well crafted. Just going through the steps to be considered high potential is a sensational development opportunity all on its own. The organisation is now using a health check to monitor the return on investment for the development they have offered staff in both the high potential and general management streams. Leading stuff! Read More

Don’t neglect your engine room!

Thursday 28 Feb 2013

A former Chief Executive of Education and Children’s Services used to make a point of hosting occasional morning teas for the staff of the payroll section. He recognised that their work was essential to the smooth running and morale of the organisation as a whole. Invisible, often neglected and only contacted when something goes wrong, the administrative ‘engine room’ of your organisation needs to be maintained and acknowledged. Read More

9 practices to help you say no

Tuesday 26 Feb 2013

Would your life be easier if you could just say no? A recent coaching client of mine thought so. They were feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of work on their plate, and often found themselves spending more time on other people’s priorities rather than their own. Here is the advice I shared with them from Peter Bregman of the Harvard Business Review Blog Network, who talks about creating space in your life for a more intentional yes: Read More