Back to basics?

Thursday 13 Feb 2014

Since my return from leave this year, several HR and OD people have reported a need to provide some good foundation training on management again. We used to regularly run front line management training programs – how to delegate; how to provide feedback; how to plan work; how to run meetings; how to clarify roles……but diplomas took over this role, and in many cases is means nothing has been offered in some agencies for some time. I’d hate to think because our team is seen as working largely with senior management, that we wouldn’t help with these learning needs. On the contrary -we LOVE this work. Read More

The time to think

Tuesday 11 Feb 2014

In my work as a coach, one thing that comes up time and again is the value of taking the time to reflect on the work we are doing – rather than only approaching our work as a long series of tasks to be completed. The same can apply when team leaders coach members of their own team. The one-to-one conversations demonstrate the importance and value of thinking about work practices. As a leader and coach, it may be useful to take in a few questions that will lead to some strategic thinking. Read More