About Us

What We Believe

  • oztrain holds the view that organisations are basically human systems in which people strive to behave rationally.  Consequently, any change or response to change needs to take into account both rational and non-rational motives and reactions.
  • Any significant change, whether positive or negative, that challenges one's role and/or self concept will trigger a non-rational response that needs to be dealt with if the change is to be assimilated.  This assimilation process often takes time and requires on-going support.
  • To be effective, cultural changes need to be implemented in a climate of trust and goodwill.
  • For on-going implementation, it is important to ensure the transfer of skills and knowledge to the organisation.
  • Learning needs to be supported. Learners returning to the workplace may need a range of options for support and reflection to reinforce new learning and to change old practices.
  • Learning needs to be appropriate and linked to the new culture and resources of the organisation. There is no point in an external provider operating in isolation.
  • The effective development of leadership skills is a process not an event. The task of developing training skills and capability is not a once a year event; it is a process which incorporates ongoing feedback, coaching, recognition and development on a regular basis.
  • The implementation of change is a shared responsibility between leaders and staff. Leaders must initiate and lead the process.
  • The process of leading people should be simplified and time efficient. It must be seen by users as useful practical techniques to assist in the ongoing management and development of people and teams.
  • Effective cultural change can only be as good as the knowledge and skills possessed by the leader and their attitudes toward their staff.