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At oztrain we offer coaching in our offices or online.  Either way, you meet your coach face-to-face – in person or via a simple-to-use video conferencing application.

Coaching is offered to support individuals and groups, and oztrain customizes the coaching process to meet your unique needs.  As part of the customisation process, clients have the option to access one of a range of skill and behavioural assessments, including 360-degree feedback processes - read more about assessment options.

Online coaching is offered through our Right.Now program - read more about Right.Now.

Whether accessing coaching in person or via remote access, each coachee has their own core coach, who in turn can bring in any experts needed to supplement and enrich your learning experience.

For core coaches, oztrain offers a panel of experienced and distinguished coaches, many drawn from the very senior ranks of the public service and other industry sectors.  We can select a coach to meet the coaching requirements of individuals at any level of seniority.

Here is a sample set of some kinds of enquiries, which can be addressed through our coaches:

  •    How can I best use the coaching style of leadership?
  •    Shifting my thinking and practice from the operational to the strategic
  •    Establishing an building an innovative culture
  •    Challenging others’ ideas and assumptions
  •    Improving my presentation skills for a job interview
  •    Planning for team development and increased productivity
  •    Improving my credibility within the organisation
  •    How can I improve my presence in meetings?
  •    How can I be an effective mentor or link my staff to other mentors?
  •    Establishing a mentor program
  •    Making the most of an acting leadership position
  •    Managing sensitive and difficult conversations
  •    As a new team leader, how can I ensure that I lead the team to best effect?
  •    When new to an organisation – establishing and maintaining the best approach to senior management and to meeting my responsibilities
  •    Managing my time and my energy effectively
  •    I have received some feedback, how can I respond?
  •    My values differ from those I report to. How can I effectively manage this?
  •    Coaching to improve thinking and behaviour following a Life Styles Inventory report or other 360 degree assessment

Please contact us to discuss your coaching requirements.

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