Data Visualisation

Making Data Easy to Digest

Good graphical displays of data communicate ideas with clarity, precision, and efficiency. Bad graphical displays distort or obscure the data, make it harder to understand or compare, or otherwise thwart the communicative effect which the graph should convey. With a solid foundation in data visualisation techniques, you can ensure your audience grasps the insights from your data correctly and quickly.

Course Objectives

During the workshop we will focus on:

Identifying the relevant data to present - Don’t try to make all the data relevant, present the relevant data correctly.

Choosing the right tool for the job - Know when to use which graph depending on the message you are trying to convey.

Draw attention to the message within the data - The whole is different to the sum of its parts - show it!

Step by step guide to data storytelling - Learn the key ingredients to storytelling to set the stage for your data presentation.

The short-course format is designed to provide you with a basic foundation to start you on your data visualisation journey. The course duration is 3.5 hours. In the first half of the course we will focus on the learning objectives. In the second half we will workshop the learnings and storyboard an infographic.

The full-day course format introduces participants to online software to bring their infographic storyboard to life. This allows the students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with readily available technology to transform their infographic ideas into digital format.

Enrolment Information

Next Available Course Dates*: 

TBD - contact Steph

Or discuss the option of having a course delivered in-house for your organisation.


Short Course - 9am -12.30pm

Full Day Course - 9am - 4pm


Suite 114, Level 1,147 Pirie Street, Adelaide

Cost per person:

Short Course - $300* plus GST, includes morning coffee.

Full Day Course - $500* plus GST, includes morning & afternoon coffee and light lunch.

*PLEASE NOTE: All workshops need a minimum number of attendees to go ahead. If your workshop date does not have enough enrollments it will be cancelled and you will have the opportunity to either book in for an alternate date or have your fee refunded in full.


Steph Jeuken

*Optional extra: A one hour person to person session with Steph following the short course or the full day course to discuss real reports with which you are working is a useful way in which to cement the learnings and applying them to your workplace. These sessions cost $400 plus GST. If booked in conjunction with a course booking you can receive a discounted price of $300 plus GST (in addition to course fee).

Data Visualisation Course Infographic