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in your own time
You do the learning when and where it suits you

in your own way
Talk? Read? Discuss? Write? Online? Face to face?

focussed on your needs
You choose the learning assignments that help you with real issues

what do you want to learn more about?

Public policy? Management? Influence? Executive presence? Problem solving? Managing tricky people situations? Meeting your boss’s needs? Leading with energy and vision?
We’ll work with you to customise the way you learn and develop what matters to you.

You choose from a set of learning objectives and adapt them to suit you with your executive coach face to face or on line in your first session . You decide whether you want feedback during the coaching process, and choose from multiple ways that might be collected. You and your coach then use the oztrain secure learning site to review objectives, discuss the issues, share resources, report on progress, explore new ways to learn and develop, and to create a report for your manager about process and outcomes.

benefits to your organisation?

Because we ask each learner a series of questions regularly, your organization gains regular reports on how their staff are thinking about key issues, not just their learning journey. Because we ask your leaders questions regularly, learners find out what their bosses think are priorities and imperatives.

who works with you?

You will have your own core coach, who in turn brings in any experts needed to supplement and enrich your learning experience. Need to talk to an ex chief executive about how they solved a particular problem? Need to talk to a University lecturer about the theory behind your problem? Need to talk to a subject expert about your issue? We’ll find them, and when you log on to your learning site, they’ll be side by side with your coach to help explore the issue.

what else can you do with

You can also access a library of resources on a wide range of topics, and request the coaching team find resources on topics of interest to you; join group discussions; network with other learners; attend on line seminars; use psychometrics to learn more about the psychology of you and your relationships, and even ask for real work to be videod and then analysed with your coach on line.

why work with oztrain?

Our staff are all senior operators with real experience in managing others. Because we have a network of experts and executives second to none, we can match your needs. We start with you, and bring what we know that’s relevant to the table, rather than fit you into our program.

No time. Constant demands. Complex issues.

Competence expected over many disciplines. Outcomes at stake. Reputation at stake.

Seeking innovation. Wanting to energise. And did we mention no time?