Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics

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How to Make Objective Decisions Based on Data 

Can you tell when someone is misleading you with data? Or worse still, do you worry you might be misleading yourself? 

We unlock knowledge from the statistical analysis of data. So in a time when we are collecting more data than ever before, it is important that we understand and account for the assumptions we've made in our data analysis and the psychological biases impacting our interpretation of that data. You need to be confident in your data analysis and interpretation before you act and make decisions that impact your work and life. 

This course will introduce you to psychological biases that can skew the way you look at  data, and that can lead you to incorrect conclusions. We’ll work through exercises that will shock you, create “aha” moments, and leave you feeling confident you have a clear lens to look at any data put in front of you. 

In just a few hours, Steph will have you rethinking concepts you thought you knew and questioning facts and figures you would have otherwise taken for granted.

Course Topics:

  • The questions you should ask when presented with data
  • The underlying assumptions you’re making in your data analysis
  • Understanding and managing psychological biases

Course approach:

Steph will use a combination of:

  • Presenting key concepts in data interpretation
  • Working through examples she has prepared for you
  • Providing opportunities for you to test yourself and see your own biases come to life.

All in a friendly, informal setting where all questions are welcome, and where the group can enjoy learning together. 

Enrolment Information

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9am -12.30pm


Suite 114, Level 1,147 Pirie Street, Adelaide

Cost per person:

$300 plus GST, includes morning coffee.

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